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How to Flip/Rotate a Video in CapCut App? - Latest Guide

How to Flip a Video in CapCut: Hello friends, Are you searching for the best way to rotate a video on capcut video editor app? Then this post is the perfect place for you. Here in this blog we provide all type of capcut editing guides and tips. Especially in this we provide you the easy steps to rotate a video using capcut app. 

How to Flip a Video in CapCut?
How to Flip a Video in CapCut?

In many situations we need to rotate a video from horizontal to vertical to make it impressive but the steps to make a video flip is not known by everyone. Read the complete post and create your video more impressive. Okay, let’s get in to the topic.

Overview of CapCut App:

CapCut is an easy-to-use video editing tool that helps its users makes professional-looking videos out of their own media in no effort. Beginners to the art of video editing will find it very easy and simple to use. 

You may edit your videos in many ways with the help of CapCut's different features. You may make slideshows; add captions, and more using this feature. CapCut also ensures that your finished video may be uploaded and shared on sites like YouTube and Facebook. CapCut is an effective and versatile video editing application that is also very user-friendly.

How to Flip/Rotate a Video Using CapCut?

Method -1

  • As a first option, you may manually rotate a clip in Capcut. If you want to rotate video just follow the below steps.
  • Get the CapCut app from the Google Play Store and set it up on your Android device. (It is also available for iOS device)
  • After you have installed CapCut, open the app and start a new project.
  • To rotate a video in Capcut, upload it to the screen.
  • Turn it with your two fingers as though you could touch it.
  • Above, you'll see the rotating angle. To rotate the video, just choose the correct alignment.
  • You may choose the way the clip will be flipped.

Method -2

  • Second, you may use the "Edit" menu in Capcut to rotate a video. What you need to do is choose "Edit" from the menu bar.
how to flip a video on capcut
  • To rotate your video, choose "Rotate" from the additional editing options that appear. 
  • This technique can only be used to rotate it by 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees.
how to flip a video on capcut
  • Any necessary rotation of the video will be performed.
  • This is how you can easily rotate a video in capcut. Hope this guide will help you to edit the videos easily. 

Watch the below video and learn more about the capcut app.

Watch and Know How to Flip/Rotate a Video in Capcut App:

Features of CapCut Video Editor App:

CapCut's features are not limited to screen rotation or screen flipping.

  • A video can be cropped to any length and vice versa.
  • CapCut's resizing options allow you to build or compress video files to meet your needs. Altering the size of any layer is possible.
  • Move Video clips: You may put your video where you want it on the timeline by just dragging and dropping it there.
  • Your video may have whatever kind of sound you choose. If you need an audio file for your work, the CapCut sound collection is a great resource.
  • The effects section of CapCut does more than just let you add music or voice. You may make a video even more impressive by using audio effects. 
  • The CapCut collection includes several different types of sound effects, such as a laugh track and claps.
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Final Words:

These are all the steps to flip or rotate a video using capcut app. Hope this guide will help you to solve your queries related to capcut app. If you have any other issues in the app please feel free to ask us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit. 

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