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How to Make Google Voice in CapCut Video Editor App? - Text to Speech in CapCut App

How to Make Google Voice in CapCut Video? Hello friend, are you searching for the best way to add google voice to your videos then follow the below guide. Recently, a lot of video material has been produced using the voice of Google Translate as the narrator when it comes to social media, specifically TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Typically, video content that has been uploaded with Google Voice is entertaining, interesting, and full of smiles. It is unknown who started this trend, but it is fascinating since the stiff-sounding Google Translate voice might actually make the film funnier.

How to Make Google Voice in CapCut

What application allows you to add Google Voice to videos? In fact, you can add Google Translate voiceover to clips using a video editing tool for any mobile device, particularly CapCut, which is a popular option right now.

Similar to the technology used by Google Translate, the CapCut app offers a text-to-speech option that can turn text into speech. Unfortunately, Google Translate voice option is not currently available in CapCut's text to speech service.

If so, how do you use the CapCut tool to add Google Voice to videos? Please read the complete guide below and add google voices to your videos using capcut app.

How to Make Google Voice to Video in CapCut? – Method-1

You must have an MP3 audio file of the Google Translate voice that you will add into the video in order to use Google Voice in CapCut. Read the instructions below if you don't already have it or don't know how to get it.

  • Open your favorite browser and go to the or website.
  • Type the text you wish the Google Translate voice to deliver in the Text box.
How to Make Google Voice in CapCut
  • Choose the language for the voice choice in accordance with the language you used to write the phrase.
  • Press the Submit key and wait for the audio file ready.
  • Press play option to hear the outcome.
  • Click Download to download the audio file from Google Translate to your phone's storage.
How to Make Google Voice in CapCut

You can now use the CapCut application to add the Google Translate voice to the video now that you have the MP3 file for it. The instruction of how to use google voice on video using CapCut is provided below.

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How to Add Google Voice File in Capcut Video?

  • Include the video in which you wish to include the Google Translate voice.
  • Select the Audio option.
  • Select Sounds from the menu.
  • Click the Folder icon and find the audio file.
  • Select the add button next to the Google Translate voice you currently have by finding it.
  • The process for adding Google Voice to CapCut is now complete. 
  • Play the video with the added google voice then click the export option to get the video with google voice uisng capcut.

Watch the video of how to make and add Google voice to video using capcut video editing application.

How to Use Text to Speech option in CapCut App? - Method -2

  • Open the CapCut video editor and start the project where you want to add voice.
  • Type the text which you want to convert in to speech and select the text.
  • Now you can see the "Text to Speech" option in the list.
How to Make Google Voice in CapCut
  • Just choose the option and select your favorite slang in English. (This option is currently available only for English).
How to Make Google Voice in CapCut
  • Now it will generate the voice on your video. You can keep the text or you can delete the text.
  • There are few voice effects also there to make your video more engaging. 
How to Make Google Voice in CapCut
  • Video just export the video directly. Once the “Text to speech” voice added to your.

Watch the complete tutorial in the below video.

Final Words:

These are all the main steps to make and add google voice to any videos using capcut video editor application. Hope this guide will help you to solve you queries related top capcut app. If you face any issues in the above guide please feel free to ask us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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