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How to Stabilize Video in CapCut App? – Fix Your Shaky Videos Easily

How to Stabilize Video in CapCut? Hello friend, do you want to fix your shaky videos? Are you searching for the best video editor app for that? Then we suggest you to use Capcut video editor app. It has the video stabilization features so you can easily fix any of your unstable videos. This application has many advanced features which are not available in any other free editing apps. There are many ways out there to fix the video shake but this is one of the best and easy ways. 

Stabilize Video in CapCut App
 Stabilize Video in CapCut App

Here in this article we provide you the complete step by steps guide on how to stabilize video using CapCut app. Read the complete post and get your stable videos easily.

Why We Need Video Stabilization?

How to Get Smooth, Shake-Free Video on CapCut! — The use of a tripod is one of the most effective methods for recording video that is free of camera shaking. Stabilizing your video is much easier with a tripod than with only your hands, particularly while recording in motion.

Headtracking or stabilizers are now standard on most smartphones, particularly flagship models, for video recording. We can still stabilize videos on CapCut even if your phone doesn't have this capability.

Stabilize Video in CapCut App

The popularity of CapCut, a smartphone video editing tool, is on the increase. For a long time, this one application has been widely used due to its various features and simplicity of use. So, with CapCut, how do you keep the video from stuttering?

Having a video that isn't smooth will make the video less enjoyable for viewers to watch. Adding a professional feel to a video requires videos that are smooth, steady, or otherwise not shaky. Let's look at the the step by step guide on how to stabilize video in capcut below.

Over View of Capcut Video Stabilization Feature:

One of CapCut's many good features is the video stabilization tool. There is also a template option, which is why many people choose to use this video editing application right now.

The video stabilization option in CapCut is likewise quite simple to use, as we simply need to input the video that we want to smooth out. The application will then automatically stabilize your video with a single click.

Despite the fact that this app is basic and straightforward to use, many people are unaware of how to stabilize videos with CapCut. The procedure turns out to be really simple; we just need to follow a few steps which are mentioned below.

How to Stabilize Video in CapCut Android App?

Before learning how to stabilize videos on Capcut, you need first update the Capcut app on your Android phone to the most recent version. This is due to the fact that the Capcut video stabilizer option or tool is the most recent update, and you will not see it if you are still using an older version of the Capcut app.

  • Open the most recent version of the CapCut application and start a new project.
  • Add the video to be stabilized.
  • To access the "Editing options", tap the video layer on the timeline.
  • "Stabilize" may be found by searching for it.
  • Calculate the degree of stability depending on the strength of the shaking in the video. If it's too harsh, you may go up to the Most stable level.
How do you stabilize a shaky video in capcut
  • To proceed, tap OK.
  • Wait for the procedure to completely stabilize the video.
  • The steps on how to stabilize video in Capcut app is now complete. Finally, hit the checkbox to confirm. 

This is how you can easily stabilize any of your videos with the help of CapCut video editor. 

Follow the Video steps to stabilize video in CapCut App:

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Final Words:

This is how you can easily stabilize video in capcut app. There are many other features available in capcut video stabilization is very useful feature for all mobile video editors. Hope this guide will help you to stabilize your videos. If you face any issues in the above guide please feel free to ask us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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